Does Calypso Cove have a dress code?

We ask that our Guests dress appropriately for our family environment. Clothing with offensive material, thong bikinis, or other revealing swimwear will not be permitted inside the park. Please refrain from displaying undergarments or wearing low-riding garments. Anyone entering the water or using a Water Park attraction must be attired in a swimsuit and/or rash guard. An appropriate swimsuit is defined as a swim garment with an affixed/sewn inner lining that is marketed and sold as a swimsuit. Inappropriate attire may damage our pumps, attractions, and chemicals. Gym shorts, cotton clothing, denim, and swim wear with zippers, buckles, or rivets are not permitted on Water Park attractions. Lifeguard gear or other insignia is not allowed for liability reasons

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2. Does Calypso Cove have a dress code?
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