Baytown Educational Action Team (B.E.A.T. Alley)


The Baytown Fire Department delivers an exciting, imaginative program that teaches children life and fire safety through clowns, puppets, music, magic and more. The BEAT Alley program has been tremendously successful in sending these safety messages to the elementary school children of the Goose Creek Independent School District (GCCISD) for over 25 years. Today, the program reaches over 11,000 students within GCCISD each year covering topics such as:

  • Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll
  • What to do when the smoke detector sounds 
  • What to do if you find matches or a lighter
  • Evacuation drills
  • Boat and water life safety
  • Bullying in schools
  • What children should do if they find a weapon, such as a gun or knife
  • Bicycle and skateboarding safety. 

These topics are designed to deliver thorough messages to children emphasizing the importance of various life and fire safety encounters. Additionally, the BEAT Alley program incorporates current events and trends to help the children better relate and understand the demonstrated topic.

Each year, the BEAT Alley members determine a specific theme and message they will present for the duration of that year. Previous themes have included:

  • 2010 - Pirates of the Caribbean theme - addressed water and boat life safety; also touched on a sensitive area of bullying in schools
  • 2011 - Time traveling theme - emphasized Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll fire safety; also incorporated skateboarding safety education
  • 2012 - Men in Black theme titled “Clowns in Black” – Continued Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll fire safety while also addressing matches and lighter fire safety, as well as the dangers children encounter when finding weapons and what is expected of them to ensure their safety. 

The BEAT Alley program is a fantastic way for young children to learn fire and life safety while interacting and having fun.