Closed Solicitations

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  2. Request for Proposal
  3. Request for Qualification


Invitation To BidClosedBid TabulationAwarded VendorContract Amount
IFB 053-24  Large Meter testing and Repair2-19-24IFB 053-24 Bid Tabulation
Under Review
IFB 24-1111 North Main Street Pavement Preservation1-9-24IFB 24-1111 Bid Tabulation
Under Review
IFB 24-0117 Central District Wastewater treatment Plant Digester Cleaning1-8-24IFB 24-0117 Bid Tabulation
Merrell Bros. Inc$187,367.00
IFB 068-24 Annual Concrete Work1-3-24Bid Tabulation 068-24
Teamwork Construction Services$2,500,000.00
IFB B0010 Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite12-20-23Bid Tabulation B0010-24
Under Review
IFB B009-24 Sodium Chlorite12-20-23Bid Tabulation B009-24
Under Review
IFB B008-24 Liquid Ammonium Sulfate12-20-23Bid Tabulation B008-24
Under Review
IFB B007-24 Liquid Hydrochloric Acid12-20-23Bid Tabulation B007-24
Under Review
IFB B006-24 Liquid Hydrofluorosilicic Acid12-20-23Bid Tabulation B006-24
Under Review
IFB B005-24 Liquid Cationic Polymer12-20-23Bid Tabulation B005-24
Under Review
IFB B004 Liquid Sodium Hydroxide12-20-23Bid Tabulation B004-24
Under Review
IFB B003-24 Liquid Zinc Sodium Polyphosphate12-20-23Bid Tabulation B003-24
Under Review
IFB B002-24 Liquid Ferric Chloride12-20-23Bid Tabulation B002-24
Under Review
IFB B001-24 Liquid Chlorine12-20-23Bid Tabulation B001-24
Under Review
IFB 24-1001 East District WWTP Phase I Improvements11-9-23IFB 24-1001 Bid Tabulation
Under Review
IFB 012-24 Sludge Transportation and Disposal11-2-23Bid Tabulation
Anderson Pollution dba Horizon Environmental$477,620.00
IFB 033-24 Residential Demolition11-2-23Bid Tabulation 033-24
Under Review
IFB 24-1003  Traffic Building-Pre Engineered9-21-23Bid Tabulation IFB 24-1003
Bids to be rejected by Council
IFB 23-0738 Multiple HVAC Replacements8-14-23IFB 23-0738 Bid Tabulation
American Mechanical Services$236,455.00
IFB 060-24 As-Needed Fire Hydrant Purchases8-11-23Bid Tabulation IFB 002-24
Ferguson Waterworks$60,000.00
IFB 060-24 Vacant Lot Mowing - Fixed Rates8-11-23noneGreenscapes Six$49,990.00
IFB 23-0738 Commercial Demolition of a Building8-8-23Bid Tabulation IFB 23-0738
Under ReviewBids to be rejected by Council
IFB 016-23 As-Needed Annual Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping for City Facilities6-29-23Bid Tabulation 016-23
NeoGlobal Ent at $556,457.50 and Yellowstone Landscape for $427,124.50
IFB 23-06376-7-23No Received Bids

IFB 100-23 Park Janitorial Cleaning6-5-23Bid Tabulation 100-23
Del Sol$296,892.36
IFB 038-23  Nuisance Abatement Mowing5-18-23None - fixed PriceMcLemore Building Maintenance, Greenscapes 6, Del Sol$120,000.00
CSP 23-0327  East District WWTP Phase I5-11-23

Bids Rejected by Council
IFB 028-23 As Needed Roll Off Containers Contract4-18-23028-23 Bid TabulationTexas Modern $580,560.00
IFB 23-0330 Chiller Replacement3-23-23Bid Tabulation IFB 23-0330American Mechanical Services$254,629.69
IFB 23-0229  WWTP Digester Airline Replacement3-15-23

Bids Rejected by City Council
IFB 23-0328 Robert E Lee High School Drainage Re-Route3-14-23IFB 23-0328 Bid TabulationUnder ReviewUnder Review
IFB 097-23 As Needed Plumbing Services and Emergency Services3-2-23IFB 097-23 Bid TabulationBlackmon, Inc$300,000.00
IFB 098-23 As Needed HVAC MAintenance, Repair and Emergency Services3-1-23Bid Tabulation 098-23American Mechanical Services of Houston$275,000.00
IFB 058-23 As Needed Electrical Service & Electrical Motor Service Contract2-28-23IFB 058-23 Bid TabulationPfeiffer & Son, Baytown Electric$570,000.00
IFB 053-23 Large Neptune Meter Testing and Repair2-22-23IFB 053-23 Bid TabulationSouthern Flowmeter$160,000.00
IFB 23-0126 30" Valve Replacement2-6-23IFB 23-0126 Bid TabulationR & B Group$300,000.00
IFB 23-0123 Garth Road Water/Wastewater Reconstruction Phase A & B1-26-23Bid Tabulation IFB 23-0123Sequeira Civil Construction$7,881,593.00
IFB 095-23 As Needed Sludge, Grit & Debris Removal from Treatment Plants and Lift Stations1-23-23IFB 095-23 Bid TabulationMagna Flow Environmental$425,000.00
IFB 23-1220 Baytown Sidewalk Phase II1-23-23IFB 23-1220 Bid TabulationMBN Enterprises$1,588,840.00
2023-0104-0006  Liquid Hydrofluorosilicic Acid12-19-222023-0104-0006-EM Liquid HydrofluorosilicicUnivar USA$71,636.25
2023-0104-0004  Liquid Sodium Hydroxide12-19-222023-0104-0004 Liquid Sodium HydroxideUnivar USA$297,538.00
2023-0104-0003  Liquid Zinc Sodium Polyphosphate12-19-222023-0104-0003 Bid TabulationShannon Chemical Corporation$377,882.70
2023-0104-0002  Liquid Ferric Chloride12-19-222023-0104-0002 Bid TabulationPVS Technologies, Inc$1,416,000.00
CSP 23-1012 Street Reconstruction Project12-16-22CSP 23-1012 Bid TabulationLucas Construction Co$5,999,999.99
IFB 23-1115 Purchase of New and Current Year Fleet Vehicles12-2-22Bid Tabulation IFB 23-1115Caldwell County Chevrolet, Cameron County CDJR, Rockdale County Ford, Silsbee Ford, Friendly Ford of Crosby, Monument Chevrolet$1,162,500.00
IFB 021-23 Stabilized Sand12-1-22Bid Tabulation IFB 021-23Smart Materials$175,000.00
IFB 23-1117 Aerial Bucket Truck11-30-22Bid Tabulation IFB 23-1117Crane Works, Inc$184,000.00
IFB 054-23 Annual Valves, Fittings & Meter Boxes11-29-22Bid tabulation IFB 054-23Ferguson Waterworks$173,000.000
IFB 23-1008 Water & Wastewater Utility Annexation Package 3-Sjolander11-1-22IFB 23-1008 Bid TabulationUnder ReviewBids rejected by City Council
IFB 23-1007 Water & Wastewater Utility Annexation Package 2-Barkaloo11-1-22Bid Tabulation IFB 23-1007Under ReviewBids rejected by City Council
IFB 23-1009 Sale of Property10-20-22Bid TabulationAfzal Shekhani$25,100.00
IFB 22-0314 Baker Road Lift Station Project10-13-22IFB 22-0314 Bid TabulationR & B Group$4,311,300.00
IFB 23-1005 Annual Asphalt Mill & Overlay10-12-22Bid TabulationTexas Materials Group$3,524,597.50
IFB 033-23 Annual Demolition of Residential Structures10-11-2Bid TabulationPfP Abatement$400,000.00
IFB 037-23  Annual Janitorial Supplies COntract9-7-22Bid Tabulation 037-23Great Southwest Paper Company$85,000
IFB 2022-0615SL BAWA South Lagoon Sludge Removal8-4-22IFB 2022-0615-SL Bid TabulationSynagro$162,080.00
IFB 22-0232 Connally Annexation for Utilities8-2-22Bid Tabulation IFB 22-0232T Construction LLC$6,940,496.00
IFB 22-1006 Chambers Commons Infrastructure Improvements7-26-22Bid Tabulation IFB 22-1006T Construction$6,810,164.20
IFB 2022-PUMP-0011EM BAWA Mechanical Service for Maintenance & Repair of Pumps6-29-22IFB 2022-PUMP-0011EM Bid TabulationIPS Pump Service, Inc$300,000.00
IFB 025-22 Mechanical Service for Maintenance and Repair of Pumps6-29-22IFB 025-22 Bid TabulationIPS Pump Services, Inc$500,000.00
IFB 22-0640 Aeration Basin and Rapid Mix Basin Cleaning6-24-22Bid tabulationMagna FLow Environmental$302,100.00
IFB 22-0538 Demolition of a Commercial Structure5-6-22Bid Tabulation IFB 22-0538PfP Abatement Group, LLC$162,608.45
IFB 009-22 Annual Sulfur Dioxide Contract4-29-22IFB 009-22 Bid TabulationDXI Industries, Inc$221,875.00
IFB 22-0124 Annual Sanitary Sewer Line Rehabilitation4-7-22Bid Tabulation Sanitary Sewer RehabTexas Pride$1,080,976.00
IFB 014-22  Annual Janitorial Services for City Locations3-30-22Bid Tabulation Annual Janitorial ServicesDel Sol, Inc$133,370.76
IFB 22-0126 NE Treatment Plant Clarifier Trough Coatings3-3-22Bid Tabulation IFB 22-0126Premium Pumps & Controls$75,100.00
IFB 042-22 Annual By-Pass Pump Rental3-2-22Bid Tabulation IFB 042-22Xylem Dewatering Solutions$57,000.00
IFB 22-0221 Street Reconstruction - Fairway Drive and Savell Drive3-1-22Bid Tabulation IFB 22-0221Lucas Construction Company$5,230,523.00
IFB 076-22 Annual Food Bid for Pirates Bay and Wayne Gray2-25-22Bid Tabulation 076-22Ben E Keith$240,000.00
IFB 22-1219  Property for Sale1-4-22Bid Tabulation IFB 22-1219REME Financial$28,500.00
IFB 2022-0104-0001M  Liquid Chlorine12-22-21Bid Tabulation 2022-0104-0001MDXI Industries$338,400.00
IFB 2022-0104-0009E  Sodium Chlorite12-22-21Bid Tabulation 2022-0104-0009EInternational Dioxide Inc$42,675.44
IFB 2022-0104-0008EM  Liquid Ammonium Sulfate12-22-21Bid Tabulation 2022-0104-0008EMBrenntag Southwest$32,725.00
IFB 2022-0104-0007E  Liquid Hydrochloric Acid12-22-21Bid Tabulation 2022-0104-0007Ebrenntag Southwest$20,400.00
IFB 2022-0104-0006EM  Liquid Hydrofluorosilicic12-22-21Bid Tabulation 2022-0104-0006EMUnivar Solutions$43,327.50
IFB 2022-0104-0005EM  Liquid Cationic Polymer12-22-21Bid Tabulation 2022-0104-0005EMPolydyne, Inc$226,850.00
IFB 2022-0104-0004EM  Liquid Sodium Hydroxide12-22-21Bid Tabulation 2022-0104-0004EMUnivar Solutions$244,683.50
IFB 2022-0104-0003EM  Liquid Zinc Sodium Polyphosphate12-22-21Bid Tabulation 2022-0104-0003EMShannon Chemical Corporation$238,650.60
IFB 2022-0104-0002EM Liquid Ferric Chloride12-22-21Bid Tabulation 2022-0104-0002EMPVS Technologies$892,800.00
IFB 2022-0104-0010E  Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite12-22-21Bid Tabulation 2022-0104-0010EBrenntag Southwest$114,204.00
CSP 22-1003  Citizens Bank Renovation12-2-21Bid Tabulation CSP 22-1003Construction Masters of Houston, Inc$3,467,695.00
CSP 22-1009 Baytown Area Water Authority Water Treatment Plant Filter Air Scour improvements11-18-21CSP 22-1009 TabulationLEM Construction Co$4,903,000.00
Annual Portable Toilet Rental11-17-21Portable Toilet RentalSmooth Move Services, LLC$75,394.00
CDBG-DR Lincoln Cedars/Julie Ann Villa Drainage10-26-21Bid Tabulation LC JAVMar-Con Services LLC$1,792,161.90
CSP 21-0519 Roseland Park Pavilion10-14-21Roseland Pavilion Bid TabulationCox Commercial Construction$1,844,874.00
CSP 21-0838 Baytown Area Water Authority Water Treatment Plant Filter Air Scour Improvements10-14-21BAWA Filter Scrub Bid TabulationBids rejected by City Council-will rebidRejected
Annual Demolition of Residential Structures10-12-21Bid TabulationK & K Tractor Service, LLC$400,000.00
West District Wastewater Treatment Plant Second Feed10-7-21IFB 21-0625 Bid TabulationT Construction LLC$3,193,516.00
Annual Liquid Chlorine Contract9-29-21Bid Tabulation Annual Liquid ChlorineBrenntag Southwest$244,400.00
Annual Cross Stitch and Slot Bar Replacement Contract9-28-21Bid Tabulation Slot Bar and Dowel Rod Replacementinterstate Improvements Inc$397,500.00
CDBG-DR Lincoln Cedars/Julie Ann Villa Drainage9-23-21Bid Tabulation CDBG-DR Lincoln Cedars/Julie Ann Villa DrainageBids rejected by Council-will rebidRejected
Annual Asphalt Mill and Overlay Contract9-23-21Annual Mill and Overlay Bid TabulationForde Construction Company$3,094,062.00
Annual Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Contract9-8-21Annual Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Bid TabulationGold Star Petroleum$1,150,000.00
Annual Demolition of Residential Structures8-26-21Not applicableBids rejected by Council-will rebidRejected
Neighborhood Street Reconstruction-Narcille/Colby - Rebid8-12-21Narcille/Colby Bid TabulationCMC Development & Construction Corporation LLC$1,921,587.50
Neighborhood Street Reconstruction Allenbrook/Edgebrook - Rebid8-12-21Allenbrook/Edgebrook Bid TabulationSER Construction Partners, LLC$2,894,387.70
Annual Installation and Repair of Traffic Signals8-4-21Bid Tabulation Annual Installation and Repair of Traffic SignalsBids Rejected.  To be re-bid at a later dateRejected
Annual Hot Mix Asphalt Contract8-2-21Bid Tabulation Hot Mix AsphaltTexas Material Group$140,000
Annual Frozen Foods Contract7-28-21Bid Tabulation Frozen FoodsSysco of Houston$49,500.00
RFQ 21-0627 Cedar Bayou Crossing7-15-21Not ApplicableIn ReviewNot Applicable
Water Tower Cleaning and Repair7-23-21Water Tower Cleaning Bid TabulationBids to be rejected by City CouncilRejected
Annual Mowing Contract for Parks and Recreation7-13-21Annual Mowing Contract for Parks and RecreationGrant Smith Mowing$339,810.00
Neighborhood Street Reconstruction - Narcille/Colby7-1-21Narcille/Colby Bid TabulationBids to be rejected by City CouncilRejected
Neighborhood Street Reconstruction - Allenbrook/Edgebrook7-1-21 Allenbrook/Edgebrook Bid TabulationBids to be rejected by City CouncilRejected
Annual Fittings, Valves and Meter Boxes Contract6-30-21Annual Fittings Valves and Meter Boxes Bid TabulationFerguson Waterworks$234,663.29
Technical Rescue Equipment6-30-21Technical Rescue Equipment Bid TabulationDooley Tackaberry$51,587.02
Annual No-Lead Brass Contract6-9-21No Lead Brass Bid TabulationFerguson Waterworks$138,983.15
Annual Stabilized Sand Contract5-26-21Stabilized Sand Bid TabulationMega Sand Enterprises$175,000.00
Structural Collapse-Technical Rescue Team Equipment and Supplies5-24-21Structural Safety Equipment Bid TabulationMunicipal Emergency Services$72,127.67
Annual Mowing of City Facilities4-27-21Annual Mowing of City FacilitiesNeoGlobal Enterprises dba Horticare Lawn $93,364.50
Janitorial Services for CJIS City Facilities4-21-21Janitorial Services for CJIS City FacilitiesDel Sol, Inc$91,158.84
Janitorial Services for City Facilities4-21-21Annual Janitorial Services for City FacilitiesDel Sol, Inc$88,133.64
Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester Cleaning4-13-21Central District Digester Cleaning Bid TabulationMagna Flow Environmental, Inc$194,000.00
Annual Nuisance Abatement Contract3-17-21Fixed Cost Contract-No bid tabulationHydrozone Landscape and McLemore Building Maintenance$275,000.00
Annual Sulfur Dioxide Contract3-10-21Sulfur Dioxide Bid TabulationDXI Industries, Inc$103,125.00
Annual Mosquito Control Chemicals 3-2-21Mosquito Control ChemicalsTarget Specialty Products, ADAPCO, Inc, Clarke Mosquito Control, Veseris$187,000.00
Annual Food and Supplies Contract2-10-21Annual Food and Supplies ContractSysco of Houston$240,000.00
Demolition of a Commercial Structure2-3-21Demolition of a Commercial StructureGrant Mackay Company$22,150.00
2020 Annual Waterline Rehabilitation1-26-212020 Annual Water Line Rehabilitation Bid TabulationSKE Construction, LLC$1,000,000.00
Goose Creek Lift Station Rebid1-21-21Goose Creek Lift Station Bid TabulationLindsey Construction$4,761,106.00
North Main Street Pavement Reconstruction11-11-20North Main Street PavementInterstate Improvements Inc$530,750.00
Reconstruction of Rollingbrook11-11-20Reconstruction of RollingbrookAngel Brothers Enterprises$2,256,677.05
Goose Creek Lift Station11-11-20Not ApplicableRejected BidsWill rebid at a later date
Annual Water Meter Valve Replacement Contract11-4-20Water Meter Valve Replacement Pricing SheetsC.M. City Solutions$120,000.00

Commercial Demolition of a Structure 


Commercial Demolition of a StructureGrant McKay Company Inc.$87,354.75
Annual Fire Hydrant10-14-20Annual Fire HydrantFerguson Waterworks$75,752.34
Annual Sludge Disposal10-14-20Annual Sludge DisposalSprint Waste Services, LP$420,680.00
West District Treatment Plant West Well Cleaning10-2-20West District Treatment Plant West Well CleaningMagna Flow Environmental Inc.$71,750.00
Annual Large Water Meter Testing and Repair9-30-20Annual Large Water Meter Testing and RepairSouthern Flowmeter$98,105.00
IFB 012-21 Annual Sludge Disposal Contract10-14-20Bid Tabulation 012-21
Sprint Waste of Texas$420,680
Annual Thermo Pavement  Marking8-12-20Annual Thermo Pavement MarkingHighway 1 LLC$150,000.00