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Citizen Resource Map

This map is meant to serve as a resource map to determine the current zoning, future land use designation, utility availability, and other relevant factors for properties in Baytown.


FEMA Map Viewer


FEMA website page

Downloadable Maps

Revitalization Incentive Zone (PDF)

Boundary maps for development incentives

Harris County Flood Control Ditches (PDF)

Drainage channels maintained by Harris County Flood Control District

Baytown Truck Routes (PDF)

Roadways designate for commercial truck travel

Baytown Thoroughfare Plan (PDF)

Major and minor roadways in and around the city

Baytown Future Land Use Plan (PDF)

Map of suggested land use types to accommodate future growth

Baytown Council Districts (PDF)

Electoral districts for each City Council member

Baytown City Limits (PDF)

Legal and municipal boundaries for the City of Baytown

Baytown Annexations with Industrial Agreements (PDF)

Annexations and Industrial Agreements in Baytown Area