History of Badge and Patch

The BadgesBadge

The Badge worn by Baytown Police Officers has come a long way since the organization of the department.  By 1969, Baytown had moved to the single Houston Police Department styled shield with the badge number in the center.  This style would prevail until March 1, 2001 when Baytown adopted its new badge.

The current badge is the official and only authorized badge for the Baytown Police Department.  The use of individually or generically styled badges, or the old badge was discontinued with the adoption of the new badge.


Baytown Police PatchThe Baytown Police Department adopted its current patch circa in 1978. The current patch was designed by former Baytown Police Lieutenant Bill Jackson.

  • The Star- represents the Lone Star of Texas
  • The year 1836– represents the date that Texas won its independence from Mexico
  • The year 1215- represents the signing of the Magna Carta. United States laws are based upon the English Common Law that was established with the Magna Carta
  •  The Rampant Lion- emblem of strength and courage