Water Meters

Water Meters Information

  • meterWater meters are the property of the City of Baytown and are read each month in "thousands of gallons".  
  • These meters are equipped with electronic devices which enables us to gather the data with a "drive-by unit".   However, there are instances where manual readings are necessary.
  • It is important that you partner up with us in maintaining the longevity of these devices.  When maintaining your lawn, please do not mow over or around the meter box.  
  • If the City has to replace or repair parts damaged from mowing and etc, you may incur a charge.
  • To monitor your usage take a reading daily, weekly or monthly. Subtract the current reading from the previous reading to get the amount of water that has registered through the meter. 
  • You may want to monitor your usage when you water your lawn, fill your swimming pool, or do anything that is out of the norm.

Meter Test

  • If you believe your meter is registering inaccurately, you can request a meter test.
  • We will remove your meter and test it for accuracy per the AWWA standards (98.5 - 101.5%)
  • If your meter is reading accurately, a $25 fee will be applied to your next bill.  If the meter is reading inaccurately (Faster), there is no charge and the bill in question will be adjusted to the average usage.