Alarm Permit

City of Baytown False Alarm Reduction Program

All business and residential alarms that can emit a signal intended to summon police or fire services must have a city permit issued. Responsibility for obtaining an alarm permit is upon the alarm system user. Failure to comply, per Baytown Code of Ordinance, Chapter 30, Article II, may result in a misdemeanor violation punishable by fines not to exceed FIVE HUNDRED AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($500.00).

The City of Baytown has adopted a new alarm systems ordinance concerning the regulation of alarm systems and police/fire department response to false alarms within the City.  A 3rd party (PM AM Corporation) will be administering the notifications, billing (including on-line payment), collections, registration applications, and processing for residential and commercial alarm systems, as well as the collection of fines and fees related to false alarms.

Alarm Permit Application (Residential and Commercial)(PDF)

Online Alarm Permit Application (Residential and Commercial)

Solicitor Permit

Nonprofits that raise funds from the public must obtain and comply with charitable solicitation registration requirements.

Charitable Solicitor's Permit (PDF)