Ethics Policy

Ethics Code for Elected and Appointed Officials

On February 26, 2009, the Baytown City Council approved Ordinance No. 11,072 creating Code of Ethics for elected and appointed officials of the City. The City Council acknowledges that elected and appointed officials accepts a public trust that requires them to faithfully and diligently fulfill their public responsibilities and work to further the public interest.

Additionally, the City Council recognizes that those individuals who serve as public servants must adhere to a higher ethical standard of conduct since the activities of government should benefit the community as a whole and should never benefit the individual interest of public decision makers.

Ethics Code (PDF)

Ethics Issues

A person who believes that a violation of any portion of the Baytown Ethics Code may file a complaint with the Ethics Commission via its Assistant Secretary, the Baytown City Clerk at 2401 Market Street, Baytown, Texas 77520.

Ethics Complaint Sworn Affidavit  (PDF)

Ethics Code Training and Education

The City of Baytown provides information and/or training materials regarding the ethics code to all new city officials and employees regulated by this code, which include the members of:

  • City Council
  • City Boards
  • Municipal Court Judge
  • Associate Municipal Court Judges
  • City Manager
  • Deputy City Manager
  • Assistant City Manager
  • City Clerk
  • Deputy City Clerk
  • City Attorney
  • All Department Directors
  • Assistant Department Directors