Students (K to 12)

Database Name
Database Description
Accelerated Reader Bookfinder
Search for books on the Renaissance Accelerated Reader 360 quiz list.
Gale in Context: Elementary
Designed for elementary students. Easy topic search for beginning research.
Gale in Context: High SchoolDesigned for high school students. Articles on over 1,000 topics.
Gale in Context: Middle School
Designed for middle school students. Articles on over 600 topics.
Gale in Context: Opposing ViewpointsCovers social issues, from capital punishment to immigration to marijuana with informed, differing views to help learners develop critical-thinking skills.
Gale in Context: Science
Information on over 600 science topics. Designed for students.
Gale Interactive: ScienceUses interactive 3D models to deliver a virtual laboratory simulation experience for students in middle and high school.
Gale OneFile: High School Edition
Designed middle- and high-school students, providing access to age-appropriate, authoritative digital content for classroom assignments.  
Gale Literature Resource Center
Literary criticism, author biographies, and more.
Gale Literature: Litfinder
Access literary works and authors throughout history, including more than 130,000 full-text poems and 650,000+ poetry citations, as well as short stories, speeches, and plays.
Gale Literature: Scribner Writer Series
Literary criticism, mostly for American and British authors.
Gale Literature: Twayne's Author Series
Literary criticism from 860 books.
Gale Presents: Miss Humblebee's Academy
Online kindergarten-readiness solution for children ages three to six.
Houston Chronicle
Full-text from articles in the Houston Chronicle from 1985 through the present.
Houston Metropolitan News
Find information on community and state issues, business, cultural events, government, politics and more from over 70 Houston area news sources including newspapers, blogs and web-only content. 
National Geographic Kids
Explore adventures in science, nature, culture, archaeology, and space. Best for children aged 6–14.
SciTech Collection
Covers key STEM areas and carefully curated STEM related ebooks.
Provides multimedia content to complement children’s and young adult books in an easy-to-use online resource. Content in English and Spanish. If you receive an error message, select "Continue to this website."
20th Century American Poetry
Includes the full-text of American poetry from the 20th century.
20th Century English Poetry

Includes the full-text of English poetry from the 20th century.