Public Services

This page contains links to web pages of information and services that the Baytown Police Department and members of the community have found useful.  We hope you find them interesting and helpful. 

Baytown Police Academy and In-Service Training

Learn about what it takes to become a Baytown Police officer and how to take TCOLE to accredit classes.

Crime Statistics

See the past and present Crime Statistics throughout the City of Baytown.

File a Compliment/Complaint on a Police Officer

Learn how to file a compliment or a complaint toward a Baytown Police employee online.

Make a Police Report

Learn the steps of making a police report online and what incidents can be reported.

Media Report

The media reports are published daily by the Baytown Police Department.  See what's happening in your area.

Traffic Enforcement

Help improve the safety of commuters by reporting traffic hazards.

Who's in Jail

See who is in the Baytown Jail and learn the visiting protocols.