Baytown Gateway Project

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This project is a new Gateway sign that will be located at the 146 and I-10 Corridor. The Parks Department managed the design and the construction is being managed by TXDOT.

WHAT: Baytown sign at 146 and I-10 honoring the Tri-cities that became today's Baytown.

WHY: To promote our city, foster community identity, and honor local history.

WHEN: Construction will be complete by the end of November 2023.

Three pillars labeled "Goose Creek 1916, Baytown 1919, Pelly 1917" full sign reads"BAYTOWN

  1. Baytown welcome sign under construction with three pillars now painted

    Baytown Gateway Project - October 2023 Update

    The three pillars of the Baytown Gateway are nearly complete. Project Information
  2. Brick wall at I-10 and SH146 in construction.

    Baytown Gateway Project - September 2023 Update

    The brick portion of the Baytown Gateway is finished. Project Information
  3. Concrete wall under construction for the Baytown Gateway project.

    Baytown Gateway Project - May 2023 Update

    Grading work continues for concrete borders around the gateway. Project Information
  4. Ground work and construction equipment along SH146

    Baytown Gateway Project - January 2023 Update

    The construction of the Baytown Gateway has begun at the intersection of Interstate 10 and 146. Project Information