Neighborhood Street Reconstruction of Fairway Dr. and Savell Dr.

A street reconstruction project for Savell Drive and Fairway Drive is an ongoing active project. This estimated cost of this project is $3.85 million for Savell Drive and $2.05 million for Fairway Drive.

WHY is the project needed: This project is necessary because the pavement is failing in several places, and the water lines are at the end of their service life.

HOW LONG will the project take: This project should take approximately 10 months to complete.

WHAT are the project improvements exactly: This reconstruction includes new roadway, new drive approaches, 5-foot wide sidewalk, and upgraded barrier free pedestrian ramps throughout the project.

December 2023

Fairway and Savell is an ongoing (active) project. Savell is at about 90% complete and Fairway is more than half way done.

June 2022


The contractor completed the water line construction and testing on June 24, 2022. The roadway work was initiated, but the contract and also encountered unsuitable sandy soils in the street excavation. This area was tested and a cement slurry material is recommended. The contractor will be working to provide the required materials and continue work.


Lucas Construction encountered bad soils on Fairway Drive around June 20, 2022, which required additional soil samples to be analyzed. The results of the analysis was completed on June 23 and the engineer provided direction on June 24, 2022. Additional lime will be added to bring the subgrade into compliance. The contractor is working to prepare the area, and work on the subgrade will continue.