Art Alley Installations

Art Alley on W. Texas Avenue, formerly Umbrella Alley, will be receiving new vibrancy and color thanks to a concerted effort by Community Engagement along with Parks and Recreation. Artists Shelbi Nicole, Tyler Kay, and Whitney Hayden will be sharing their talents through both visual and interactive art. An official reveal and community party will be held Sunday, May 7th from 4-6 pm with tacos, popsicles, music, and more at 124 W. Texas Avenue. 

What: The Parks Department will be assisting with preparing and priming the walls, making way for new murals and artwork as well as installing interactive pieces.

Why: Following the loss of Umbrella Alley in Baytown due to structural challenges and upkeep requirements, a new opportunity for community art was created. City leaders and citizens have worked together on this project to expand and improve the Arts, Culture, and Entertainment District.

How Long: Local Artists will be painting and installing their pieces during the first week of May. 

May 16, 2023 update

With today's ribbon cutting ceremony, Art Alley is officially open.

Woman sitting and painting a map of Texas with butterflies

Art Alley murals are nearing completion.

Workers installing a metal sculpture in art alley

May 3, 2023 update

New interactive metal art has been placed in Art Alley by parks crews. 

Newly painted mural with a ladder and table nearby

May 2, 2023 update

Work continues as artists progress on murals for Art Alley.

Painters working on painting a new mural
May 1, 2023 update

Artists have begun their work painting the walls of Art Alley.

Art Alley with ongoing workApril 28, 2023 update

Walls have been primed with solid colors for new murals.