Warnings & Alerts

The Baytown OEM maintains various warning and alert systems to provide timely emergency notification to the general public. 

Baytown Alert

Stay informed. Sign-up for Baytown Alert to receive emergency notifications from Baytown officials. 

Notifications include the following:

  • Emergency Alerts – severe weather and all-hazards emergencies. 
  • Police Notifications – heavy police activity and law enforcement incidents. 
  • Fire Notifications – major fires and hazmat incidents. 
  • Public Works Notifications – utility and water outages. 

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Outdoor Warning Sirens 

The City of Baytown maintains several sirens strategically located across the area to provide warnings to residents about chemical emergencies. When the sirens activate this means residents should Shelter-In-Place immediately. An All-Clear message will be issued by local authorities when it is safe to resume normal activity. 

The Siren System is tested on a weekly basis, every Wednesday at 9am for one (1) minute. No action is required by residents during this test. 

Learn about the two different tones utilized by the Outdoor Warning Sirens:

AM 1610 Radio Station

Baytown OEM maintains an AM Radio Station to provide traffic advisories and evacuation updates during a major hurricane and shelter in place warnings for automobiles. The NOAA radio weather forecast is looped on the system when not in use. Do not forget to set you radio to AM 1610.


City Buildings and Goose Creek CISD Schools are outfitted with ALERTUS beacons to provide building occupants warnings about severe weather, shelter in place orders, and other types of emergencies. The ALERTUS system is generously sponsored by the Greater Baytown Area LEPC. 

CAER Online 

Community Awareness Emergency Response (CAER) Online is a system for community members to view posted messages and alerts about industrial incidents, planned events, and operational disruptions. Messages offer basic information such as what the incident or event is, where it happened, and whether any action is required by community members. Download the CAER Online App on your mobile device.  

Active incidents can be viewed online

Harris County Flood Warning System 

The Harris County Flood Control District maintains rainfall gauges across Harris County, including the City of Baytown. The rainfall and stream gauges in Baytown include: 

  • Site 1720: 1720 Cedar Bayou @ SH 146
  • Site 1540: 1540 Goose Creek @ Baker Road
  • Site 1520: 1520 Goose Creek @ SH 99

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