Basic Mobile Food Requirements

The below list are the basic requirements for mobile food establishments.

  • Must have 3 compartment sink and hand sink with hot/cold water
  • All surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings) must be smooth, cleanable, and non-absorbent
  • All refrigeration units must be commercial units
  • Potable water tank must be at least 30 gallons in size and waste water tank must be at least 15% bigger than the potable tank (if potable is 30 gallons then waste must be at least 34.5 gallons)
  • Will need permission letters from property owner to be on the property you are operating on and to have access to restrooms while operating
  • Can only operate for 12 hours from same location per day
  • Property location must be commercial property
  • Cannot hook up directly to power, water or sewer where you plan on operating
  • Operators are required to have Certified Food Manager certificate from approved course
  • Will be required to take the mobile unit to an approved commissary after every operation for cleaning/discharging of wastewater and / or refilling unit with potable water etc.
  • Will need to be approved by Baytown Fire Marshal prior to Health Department approval