Park Service Center Improvements

Secondary Logo_Full ColorThis project hopes to fulfill the need for more storage space made after moving out of the Evergreen facility. In addition, improvements will be made to parking and vehicle access.

WHY These much needed improvements will help our parks crews to keep our parks beautiful. With extra storage behind the park service center, more work can be one to make sure you and your family make memories during a future park visit. 

WHAT Expanded parking, storage space, and more.

HOW LONG This project will be divided into two stages and will aim to be complete by the end of Fall 2023.

Park Service Center Improvement Updates

Plans for new parking at the Baytown Park Service CenterSeptember 15, 2023 update

Plans for phase two of this project include additions to the facility parking lot. 

Six of the new storage containers have been placed.

Concrete being placed at the Park Service CenterMarch 21, 2023 update

The concrete has been poured for extra storage behind the park services center.