Filing a Claim

The steps below will outline how to file a claim with the City of Baytown.  All claims must be submitted in writing in accordance with the City of Baytown's Charter.  

Submitting Your Claim

Provide a statement by filling out a Claim Form using one of the below methods.  Statements should included: claimant’s name, mailing address, phone number, your description of incident and explanation on how you would like the City to assist you.

Submit Online

Use our Online Claim Form to submit your information online.

Submit In Person

You may file your claim in person by visiting the City of Baytown, Human Resources – Risk Management office located at 2401 Market Street in Baytown, TX 77520.

Submit By Email

You may request a PDF version of the Citizen Claim Form by emailing the Risk Managment team. 

Other Related Information

  • Other documents that may be submitted along with statement are items such as: repair estimates, invoices, bills, photographs, police report (if applicable), etc. 
  • All information/documents will be submitted to our insurance carrier, Texas Municipal League-IRP. 
  • Claimant may contact Texas Municipal League-IRP for status on their claim at 1-800-537-6655 (please provide claimant’s name and date of incident).