18 Hole Disc Golf

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The project will include a new 18-hole disc golf course in Baytown. 

WHY is this project needed: With the loss of Evergreen Park Disc Golf, there was a need for a new 18-hole course for community members. Not many people know more about disc golf in Baytown, or disc golf at Evergreen, than Chris Vandergriff. Chris, a professional disc golfer for 22 years, owns Gorilla Disc Golf Shoppe in Seabrook and was also one of the designers for the Evergreen course. While it’s impossible to replicate an exact course like Evergreen, it is not impossible to provide an innovative course with a new set of challenges. 

WHAT are the project improvements: Chris and another accomplished course designer, Scotty Linthicum, will be tasked with creating a new, high-caliber course on 40 acres of land near JB Lefevre and Market Street. The project is currently being referred to as "Forty Acre Wood Disc Golf". Chris said, “It will be a very wooded, very technical course carved out literally through the woods in the park property. It’s a very unique property and I’m flattered that we get to design from the ground up there.” The course will also offer several hills and undulating terrain and will offer features that couldn’t be created at Evergreen. Chris added, “There’s not going to be another course in the area that is really carved out like this one.” The new course, that will sit next to a portion of the Goose Creek Trail, will also come with restrooms, a parking lot, a covered pavilion, and more.Concept map and design of a new 18 hole disk golf course in the 40 acre woods.*This design is a concept and not final

  1. Design plans for a new 18 hole disk golf course at 40-acre park

    18 Hole Disk Golf Project - October 15, 2023 Update

    The latest plans for the 40-acre disk golf course are complete and undergoing final review. Project Information
  2. Survey crews have started the preparation for a disk golf course in the 40 acre wood.

    18 Hole Disk Golf Project - March 1, 2023 Update

    Survey crews have started the preparation for a disk golf course in the 40-acre wood. Project Information