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To further commemorate the City of Baytown's 75th birthday, we have established this Online Museum to provide resources and historical information related to the City of Baytown.

Add Your Photos

We’ve got hundreds of historical photos from life in Baytown throughout the decades, and the only picture missing is yours!  Consider sending us your historical photos – from any time or place in Baytown – to be included in the collection.  Use the Photo Submission Form below to send your photo!

Wanted: Historic Baytown Photos

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  2. Celebrate Baytown’s 75th birthday by contributing to the online museum.

  3. Do you have photos from the 1930s - 1980s?
    • The Mall (interior and exterior)
    • Local businesses (groceries, funeral homes, drugstores)
    • The Traffic Circle at Texas and Market
    • Streetscapes (Goose Creek, Pelly, Wooster, Old Baytown)
    • Anything that brings back memories of bygone days
  4. Do you have these yearbooks?
    • Cedar Bayou School: Prior to 1949 & after 1954 (Cedar Log Yearbook)
    • George Washington Carver: Any volume except 1958
    • Lee: Prior to 1929, 1931-1936, 1943, 2006
    • Sterling: 1967
  5. To lend your photograph(s) or yearbook(s), please contact 281-422-1142.

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    By uploading the photo(s) I give permission for sharing on social media and adding to the Sterling Municipal Library's digital photo collection.

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