Health Department

About the Health Department

The goal of the Health Department is to serve the City of Baytown community members, as well as pets in the community, through humane solutions that promote community health and safety, connection to information and resources that seek to protect the human-animal bond, and to provide a safe haven for animals in need of sheltering.

Responsibilities and Services

  • Animal Services has an animal care component related to pet adoptions, education/outreach, fostering, volunteering and a public protection component related to aggressive/loose dogs, dog bites, wild animals, and rabies control.
  • Community Service program uses court assigned probationers to clean city rights-of-way while the Clean Team proactively removes various types of trash and debris throughout the City. 
  • Environmental Health performs inspections, issues permits, investigates complaints of food service establishments as well as inspecting and permitting public swimming pools, and investigates complaints of environmental pollution. 
  • Mosquito Control provides vector control for mosquitoes in the form of adulticiding, larvaciding, investigates complaints of stagnant water and provides education and outreach to citizens in ways to reduce mosquitoes. 
  • Neighborhood Protection proactively surveys the city for public nuisance violations associated with property maintenance such as high grass, open storage, rubbish/trash, yard parking and junk vehicles.