City Manager's Office

About the City Manager's Office

The city manager is the chief executive and administrative officer of the City, is responsible for general administration of the City's affairs, and serves as a liaison between the policy making and administrative branches of the City government.  The city manager provides City Council with the information needed to conduct the affairs of the City and coordinate the implementation of their decisions.  The city manager and the assistant city managers oversee the operations of all City departments and reviews and updates management policies and regulations.

Major Goals

  • Ensure delivery of City services in an effective and efficient manner through responsible administration
  • Ensure that the response to citizen complaints and requests for action are performed in a timely manner
  • Assist in the development of neighborhood organizations and coordinate implementation of neighborhood improvement projects and activities
  • Conduct City Council meetings in accordance with the provisions of the City Charter and Ordinances
  • Continue to provide quality information the citizens receive from local government by working with educational, business and neighborhood groups to communicate city events, public hearings and city staff initiatives
  • Coordinate Council activities, negotiate contracts and supervise the staff to provide efficient and effective municipal services to the City of Baytown

Major Objectives

  • Provide the Council with timely and meaningful information
  • Maintain up-to-date policies and regulations
  • Encourage an innovative approach to problem resolution
  • Supervise and coordinate the staff and provide oversight to all departmental operations
  • Maintain a long-range outlook and provide the Council with recommendations for the future
  • Act as the City's ambassador in developing and maintaining relations with outside agencies