Baytown Strategic Plan

About Our Strategic Plan

In January 2021, the City of Baytown relaunched a community-engagement effort to develop a city-wide strategic plan to guide decisions about Baytown's future. A strategic plan is the most fundamental guide for a community's future where the plan sets a common direction for the city (a vision) based on the needs expressed by community members. The strategic plan is high-level, broad in nature, and designed to inform more specific policy and decision-making in the future. Our plan relied on heavy public participation in conversations focused on the future. The Strategic Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC), comprised of residents, business owners, and other community stakeholders, led the process. Baytown's 5-year community-based strategic plan is a community vision supported by shared values, goals, and objectives. The City Council unanimously adopted the new 5-year community-based strategic plan on April 14, 2022 for fiscal years (FY) 2023-2027.

Strategic Plan Directives

The Strategic Plan consists of five strategic directives identified as the community's top priorities.

  • Economic Prosperity
  • Critical Infrastructure & Traffic Flow
  • Outdoor Recreation & Amenities
  • Building a Connected Baytown
  • Beautification & Environmental Stewardship

Strategic Plan Dashboard

In FY 2023, the city launched an online dashboard for its strategic plan. The dashboard provides an opportunity for the city to communicate how its advancing the strategic directives. The dashboard provides detailed information on key initiatives and strategies.

Strategic Plan FY 2023-2027

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View the City of Baytown's Strategic Plan - Fiscal Year 2023 to 2027

September and October 2021

  • Focus groups established
  • Community workshops held

November 2021 to March 2022

Strategic Plan Advisory Committee meetings held

April 2022

Strategic Plan Advisory Committee presents Strategic Plan to Baytown City Council

community workshops conducted